Last Feb. 1, 2011 was the official opening of the 38th founding anniversary of our school. And as usual our school invited different schools to see our facilities and the courses that our school offers. Luckily the "C-100 Radio Station" of cefi opened right before the open house, can you imagine i'm an official Dj of our school. So I had a great experience during my times as a Dj, I get to play their requested songs, and dedications, I also greeted the people at our campus.
Feb. 2, 2011 was the faculty show of our teachers, it was entitled "Show Time". It was fun to watch our teachers perform different things for us students.
Feb. 3, 2011 was the acoustic night and poetry reading contest, but that wasn't the only things that happened that day. This day changed the life of a lot of people. (it's something personal which i totally regret doing it)
And finally the highlight of our foundation week was the Ms. Cefi and Ms. young Cefi 2011. The competition was in heat back then, although we never expected the winners. (not that i'm saying they don't deserve it and all but you kinda get my point)
So this foundation week was a memorable occasion for me. Lessons learned:
* not all jokes are funny
* learn to minds your own business
* never take something/someone for granted
* learn to respect someones privacy
* learn to forgive and forget


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  • * ONLINE GAMES: super addict sa audition and O2jam :))
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  • * SCHOOL: i just like going there, pero ayko ng lessons. haha :))
  • * SHOES: bastah ung cute.haha :))
  • * TOGETHER: by neo :)
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