God is always there for us

Before I go to sleep, I always look for inspirational quotes, love quotes and quotes about dancing at tumblr. But instead, I found this amazing short story about a depressed swimmer. I'm not a religious girl, I admit that I rarely go to church and I don't pray that much. But because of this short story i felt something different from the start. I realized that in everything that we do, God is always there to guide us. If we just trust and pray to him all the time he won't let anything happen to us, he surely is our savior.
I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry for all the bad things that I have done, I didn't mean to do those things. I use my blogger account as my diary, I tell all my feelings here and the things that happens to me. I would want to share these things to people (if only someone would read my blogs) for them to learn from my mistakes, to learn new things and to learn more about me. Plus I use this as my way of training my abilities in righting to be ready for my course. :)


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About me

What I like the most:

  • * ACCESSORIES: lalo na kapag bracelet and earings :)
  • * BAGS: super like!. :D
  • * BANANA: yum! yum! :))
  • * CAKES: mas gusto ko pg gawa ko. :))
  • * CELLPHONE: kasi lagi ko xa katxt <3
  • * CHOCOLATES: especially Cadbury Caramel
  • * COLOR PINK: hot pink, and baby pink
  • * COMPUTER: para makapg facebook, tumblr, plurk, multiply at blogger ako! :D
  • * COOKIE MONSTER & PIGLET: cute nila ehh.. :)
  • * DANCING, SINGING, ACTING & PAINTING: love na love ko yan. :)
  • * FILIPINO MOVIES: pag funny love stories lg, ayko ng mga action ang pangit!..lalo na kapag galing dito
  • * GENEVIEVE GOZUM: gs2 ko tlga mga accessories, bags and damit don :)
  • * GLEE: galing nila. :D
  • * ICE COFFEE: lalo na kapag sa Brownies XP
  • * ICE CREAM: mixed flavor ng vanilla & chocolate from & eleven
  • * ISAW: sa site, kena ate abby.haha!. :)
  • * KFC: masarap ang chiken don!
  • * KRISPY KREME: cookies and cream at blueberry cheesecake flavors :))
  • * LA CORDA D'ORO: anime tv show, about sa music school. ganda :)
  • * McDonald's: Love ko to! <3
  • * MYMP: gusto ko ung mga songs nila especially "NOTHINGS GONNA STOP US NOW"
  • * ONLINE GAMES: super addict sa audition and O2jam :))
  • * PINEAPPLE JUICE: sa 7 eleven ulit.hehe :))
  • * SCHOOL: i just like going there, pero ayko ng lessons. haha :))
  • * SHOES: bastah ung cute.haha :))
  • * TOGETHER: by neo :)
  • * YELLOW CAB: Manhattan Meat Lovers <3