"2011's BLAST!..."

This is my first blog for 2011, I didn't got the chance to make a blog earlier because I was so busy since the before and the start of the year. We had our first show at SM City Lucena, last January 1, 2011. It was our "New Year Dance Explosion", we performed new dances such as the "Flamenco" and many more. After that a lot more shows came through, but the biggest happening was when the PILIPINAS GOT TALENT staffs came at our studio and watched our dances. For them it was like an audition for us, they told us that they were looking for "Extraordinary Talents" and "Amazingly Talented" dance group. Luckily we passed the audition and was supposed to perform for the official auditions (that's the part where we get to meet Kris Aquino and the other stars). Unfortunately, our President of the school didn't allowed us to join (It's because of confidential reasons). But even though we didn't got the chance to perform on the nest level of that audition, it's still fine because I'm happy on what I have; at least I can still perform and dance anywhere I like . :)


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About me

What I like the most:

  • * ACCESSORIES: lalo na kapag bracelet and earings :)
  • * BAGS: super like!. :D
  • * BANANA: yum! yum! :))
  • * CAKES: mas gusto ko pg gawa ko. :))
  • * CELLPHONE: kasi lagi ko xa katxt <3
  • * CHOCOLATES: especially Cadbury Caramel
  • * COLOR PINK: hot pink, and baby pink
  • * COMPUTER: para makapg facebook, tumblr, plurk, multiply at blogger ako! :D
  • * COOKIE MONSTER & PIGLET: cute nila ehh.. :)
  • * DANCING, SINGING, ACTING & PAINTING: love na love ko yan. :)
  • * FILIPINO MOVIES: pag funny love stories lg, ayko ng mga action ang pangit!..lalo na kapag galing dito
  • * GENEVIEVE GOZUM: gs2 ko tlga mga accessories, bags and damit don :)
  • * GLEE: galing nila. :D
  • * ICE COFFEE: lalo na kapag sa Brownies XP
  • * ICE CREAM: mixed flavor ng vanilla & chocolate from & eleven
  • * ISAW: sa site, kena ate abby.haha!. :)
  • * KFC: masarap ang chiken don!
  • * KRISPY KREME: cookies and cream at blueberry cheesecake flavors :))
  • * LA CORDA D'ORO: anime tv show, about sa music school. ganda :)
  • * McDonald's: Love ko to! <3
  • * MYMP: gusto ko ung mga songs nila especially "NOTHINGS GONNA STOP US NOW"
  • * ONLINE GAMES: super addict sa audition and O2jam :))
  • * PINEAPPLE JUICE: sa 7 eleven ulit.hehe :))
  • * SCHOOL: i just like going there, pero ayko ng lessons. haha :))
  • * SHOES: bastah ung cute.haha :))
  • * TOGETHER: by neo :)
  • * YELLOW CAB: Manhattan Meat Lovers <3